Gresha Marguerite Theodora Schuilling (born May 15, 1983) is a Sri Lankan-born contemporary Christian music (CCM) producer, singer, songwriter and worship leader. Schuilling's musical journey began early, influenced by her upbringing in Saudi Arabia, and her exposure to music production at a young age. Despite initially stepping away from singing, an encounter with her spiritual father, Prophet Jerome Fernando, redirected her towards music once more. She is now a serving member of The Glorious Church, led by her spiritual parents, Prophet Jerome Fernando and Pastor Melanie Fernando.[1]

Life and career

Early life 

Schuilling was born in Colombo, the only child of Charmaine Audrey and Graeme Maurice Tyrone Schuilling. Her affinity for music emerged at the age of two when she received her first keyboard on which she learned to play Elvis Presley's "Wooden Heart". Raised primarily in Jeddah due to her father's professional commitments, her multicultural upbringing greatly influenced her musical style and worldview.[2]

2004-2008: Career beginnings

Moving back to Sri Lanka for a short period, Schuilling collaborated with Iraj Weeraratne on "Down Dirty" and "Roots", the latter of which is featured on his self-titled album 'Iraj'.[3] She then sang on Diliup Gabadamudalige's "We’re Calling The World” with Shaun Perera, about global unity and thanking the world for their help during the tsunami of 26 December 2004.[4] 

Through Gabadamudalige, Schuilling connected with Nimal Mendis to re-arrange and release his Sinhala songs "Ganga Addara"[5], "Nim Him Sewwa"[6], and his English songs "Yesterday Today & Tomorrow"[7], "Cold Cold Night"[8] and "Open Every Door"[9], which was featured on CNN[10] and presented at the UK Parliament and released for World Autism Awareness Day designated by the United Nations on 2nd April 2008.[11] Schuilling then left Sri Lanka to pursue a career in hospitality in the Middle East.[1]

2022: whispering HOPE

With Pio Anandappa and Shimron Fernando, Schuilling released the album 'whispering HOPE' under her independent label whispering HOPE Records. Collaborating remotely with a team of eight, the album delivers a worship experience inspired by biblical teachings.[12] The album's title, stylized with lowercase "whispering" and uppercase "HOPE," symbolizes spiritual connectivity and positivity. Featuring eight tracks blending pop, electronic, soft-rock, and soul genres, the album explores themes of trust, redemption, and faith.[13]



Her debut album, "whispering HOPE," released under her independent label whispering HOPE Records, portrays Schuilling's commitment to offering worship through current music. Collaborating remotely with a team of eight, the album delivers a worship based on biblical teachings. Schuilling's next album, "Ruach," explores themes centered around the Holy Spirit, aiming to deepen her spiritual expression through music.[2]


Schuilling's contralto voice, discovered during her teenage years, remains a defining aspect of her musical identity. Despite a hiatus from music, her lower register persisted, contributing to her unique sound and resonance.[2]


Initially collaborating with Anandappa and Fernando on songwriting, Schuilling is increasingly involved in crafting her own lyrics. Drawing inspiration from research, prayer, and biblical references, her songwriting process aims to deliver contemporary messages of faith and hope.[2]




  • "Emmanuel" (2022)
  • "So Am I Holy" (2023)
  • "Revelator" (2024)
  • "Spirit Fire" (2024)

Personal life

Schuilling is married to Sudhindra Yadhati, and together they have a son named Dylan Tristan Schuilling Yadhati.[1]

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Gresha is a serving member of The Glorious Church, led by her spiritual father and mother, Prophet Jerome Fernando and Pastor Melanie Fernando.

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